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I am Yadira Gonzalez Muñoz, I was born in 1969, and since 2010, I’ve had a new life thanks to God.  

I’m Colombian by birth, Ecuadorian by heart, and Belgian by nationality. 

Growing up, we would spend our holidays in the jungle of Ecuador in a small town founded by my grandparents.  We experienced life playing with the native children and learning many of their ways.

I experienced many ups and downs in my life, and in 2002 I ended up living in Belgium as a struggling single mother with my 3 kids.  However, I was determined to fight for them by working as hard as I could to provide them with what they needed. Fortunately, I was blessed with the help of my parents, when I needed it. 

I am a woman who has healed herself from 10 years of being a handicap.  In 2010 I had a car accident, and my doctor told me that I would "NEVER" walk again. I told him "That HE WAS 
WRONG- that as a doctor he should do his job, I would do mine and God will do the rest". 

After encouraging my doctor, he decided to proceed to several surgeries and after 4 months I was 
giving my first steps, after 10 years (2020), 19 surgeries and constant therapies I am walking again.  

I know that if one day I was able to walk, you will be able to Discover who you are to overcome any crisis. As I did not accept the doctor’s prognosis.  You can change anything too!! 

I believe it is up to each one of us to accept or not what people tell us.  I walk because I did not accept the limitations that others set for me and I worked with conviction that I would walk again.  

I think that this made a change in my life in a good way, because I Discover myself and I overcame a huge crisis with such a way I came strong and victorious and I finally found MY WHY! 

Changes are not easy and it didn´t happen overnight, but if one really wants that change in life for oneself, it will happen.  These changes will not only change ourselves but our surroundings.  

Today I am the peak of my health, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically, and Now I guide & show my clients how to reach their peak in their lives emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically in wellness and wealth. 

I am mother, companion, friend, preacher, leader, entrepreneur, a women life expert adviser, Inspirational Speaker, an online Magazine founder, Published Author, and Regional Director for Global Woman Club in Brussels. But most of all I help my clients find their purpose in life, get in touch with their inner power and breakthrough to create lasting changes in life, to find their I Am, their Why and the love of their lives. 

Transforming lives is my passion, I can share my gift with others, inspiring, engaging and building up my community.  I realize that safe has its place, but so does following your passion in ways that creates a nice balance in life and a great sustainability.  Everything is in balance now, my kids are adults, I found my man and I love my job.

I am now giving you the knowledge of how to find balance in your life & to Life Free 2Day! 

It´s never too late to start again! 


Love Always


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Speaking Events - Publishing Books and Articles

Since starting my business. I have been happily sharing my Public Speaking, co-authoring a book I wrote with so many wonderful women from around the world together with Global Woman Club, articles that have been written about me, and articles that I have written, and most of all my coaching and helpful resources with clients and with building a global greater community. I believe that everybody, not just my loyal clients, should have access to the information and tools that will lead to more positive and fulfilling life pursuits. Check out some of the stories and resources below and contact me if you want to learn more.

The Power And Health Of Womanity

London UK, 2019

"How to align body, mind, and soul to succeed in business".

Real Stories From Women Across The World!

My Story:

"The Undiscovered power of light in your life"

page 103

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Interviewed by Donavon Hunteman

December 30, 2019


Learn how you can Live Free 2Day

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I love speaking, presenting or announcing, my passion is talking about what makes us strong, empower us and most of all connecting with amazing people around the world, here a little of me, while traveling from place to place, from event to event, meeting fantastic people and making amazing connections, never stop, follow your dreams!!

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Public Speaking


Words are powerful and if you can safe one person for an empowering speech you give, the mission is accomplished, some of us have a mission in this world, and sometimes if it is just giving a hand, a hug, a smile a world of comfort, you have completed your mission!

Be that person to give love to the person who most needs it!! maybe he/she is sitting right next to you!!

Global Speaking Award-English